Supporting grassroots initiatives requires a new take on philanthropy.

We believe in moving away from instrumental sector-based grant-making and investing in the promise of collective action by putting the power of design squarely in the hands of women. We work to translate the emerging evidence base into best philanthropic practices to support women’s groups, and partner with donors to optimize their grant-making

Self Help Groups are not new; women have organized collectively to create change for a very long time. However, understanding how to support these groups or networks to successfully and sustainably achieve their goals requires new and innovative practices in philanthropy.

Investing directly in the individual agency and collective efficacy needed to drive social, normative, and economic change can be both transformative to women and their communities and symbiotic with instrumental development investments in specific sectors such as governance, health, financial services, and poverty reduction.  

Lessons from our research and learning portfolio provide meaningful insights for both practitioners who are working to optimize their programs and donors who want to invest responsibly.  Our advisory services guide institutional donors as well as private philanthropists to identify the ways that they can invest in this space to bring about effective and transformative change. Contact Us