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Visualizing the Self Help Group Federated Structure

As SHGs mature and replicate, they aggregate - this allows them to amplify their individual voices to create impactful change at scale. The resulting democratic structure allows the groups to have a broader impact on their communities while also providing an exit strategy for implementing organizations. The Share Trust has put together an infographic that describes this process in more detail.

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Building a Digital Platform for SHG Facilitators

The Share Trust has been working in partnership with Code Innovation to build a digital curriculum for SHG facilitators. This is complemented by an MIS/dashboard that allows organizations and facilitators to track the progress of their groups. With support from DFID and the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, the digital platform is now in 9 languages, working with 13 implementing partners across India, Africa and the Caribbean. More information can be found on the SHG digital platform website.

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